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Traditional Picture Framing

At the Horsell Framing Company, we follow the Fine Art Trade Guild 5 levels of framing classification model. They are as follows:


Museum - The ultimate protection for your artwork

Conservation - Helping preserve your artwork for future generations.

Commended - Guarantees a degree of protection, with design playing an important part.

Budget - Visually pleasing, but offering no long-term protection

Minimum - Putting economy first

Preserving Memories
Many precious items are left in drawers or boxes in the loft and never see the light of day. Framing can help preserve and also display items that can otherwise be forgotten, neglected and perhaps even lost.
Unique Items

Framing is not just about presenting Artwork or Photography. At The Horsell Framing Company, we like a challenge and will frame almost anything you can imagine. To date we have framed Shoes, Wedding Souvenirs, Medals, Sea Shells, Flowers and even a century old Roof Tile complete with a Childs Handprint visible in the clay.


If you have something you would like to preserve or display, please pop in and we will see what might be done.



Fabric Art

Fabric Art is making a comeback. We are asked to frame Crosstitch and Tapestrys on a regular basis. Family Heirlooms like this one need protection - Hence why we used Non Reflective ART Glass with UV protection.